Lelo Luna Smart Bead

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The LUNA Smart Bead™ - Your Personal Pelvic Trainer - takes the work out of your workout by making Kegel exercising an easy and enjoyable experience. Touch-sensors work to automatically select a routine tailored to the needs of your pelvic floor. Once the routine is set, the LUNA Smart Bead™ vibrates at the recommended time for each muscle squeeze, at the same time rewarding you with a burst of pleasure. As you use the LUNA Smart Bead™ over weeks and months, it automatically monitors your progress and adjusts the frequency of vibrations as muscles grow stronger with time. Regaining that original tightness and strengthening your pelvic muscles have never been so satisfying and convenient.



Materials: body-safe silicone/ PC-ABS
Size: 34 x 31 x 85mm
Weight: 38g
Battery: 1XAAA battery
Standby: Up to 30 days
Frequency: 200Hz
Max Noise Level : < 50dB
Interface: 1-button interface

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