Eros Fisting Gel UltraX

Eros Fisting Gel UltraX

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Do you enjoy thrilling sexual practices but don’t want the pain? EROS Fisting Gel ultraX leaves the erogenous zones less sensitive, making penetration safer and more relaxed and providing extremely long-lasting glide quality. Our products are clinically tested and manufactured under strictest quality control. Fisting Gel ultraX is not greasy or sticky, and can be used with latex, rubber and other materials.



• Dermatologically tested
• Kind to mucous membranes
• Suitable for use with latex condoms    
• Water based
• Free of oil, grease and perfume
• Not greasy, sticky or blobby
• Doesn’t dry out
• Very economical
• CE mark; licensed as a medicinal product
• Amount: 200ml

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