The Tundra Swan

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This classic Arctic swan is here to cater to your needs. With vibrators located at the North and South poles, this is designed for use in both directions. The soft silicone body feels great on skin with smooth silicone-covered buttons to ensure safe usage. The strong and dedicated Tundra Swan goes the extra distance to please you.



• Details: Waterproof, Travel-Ready, Phthalate-free
• Dimensions: 17.5 cm x 3.7 cm (bottom) x 2.8 cm (top)
• Finish: 100% Seamless Silicone
• Run Time: Up to 6 Hours
• Charge Time: 2 Hours
• Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
• Pleasure Technology: 2 Separately Controlled Vibrations Powered by PowerBullet™

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